Carlos Ghosn Is Under International Arrest Warrant By France

Carlos Ghosn Is Under International Arrest Warrant By France

French prosecutors sought international arrest warrants for Carlos Ghosn and four individuals they allege are linked to an auto dealer in Oman, charging they helped the fallen car titan syphon millions of euros from Renault SA.

Mr Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO of Nissan Motor Co. and Renault, and the current owner of the Omani business Suhail Bahwan Automobiles, a vehicle dealer in Oman, have been issued five international arrest warrants by an investigating magistrate in France. They claim Mr Ghosn used the Omani auto dealer to syphon millions of euros from Renault for his own luxury use, including the purchase of a 120-foot yacht. 

Three years ago, Mr Carlos Ghosn escaped a trial in Japan and flew to Lebanon on allegations of financial impropriety by hiding in a musical instrument box. Mr Ghosn originally welcomed the French investigation after escaping, claiming that he believed in the French legal system and that it would allow him to prove his innocence. Mr Ghosn’s spokesperson declined to comment on the arrest warrants. 

Mr Ghosn’s personal circumstances will not be significantly altered by the current arrest warrant. He has remained in Lebanon as an international fugitive since departing Japan, where he lives in a property provided for him by the Japanese automaker. Mr Ghosn holds citizenship in Lebanon, France, and Brazil, therefore he cannot be extradited.

The warrants, on the other hand, are another legal bummer for Mr Carlos Ghosn. He has depicted himself as a victim of an unjust and presumptive Japanese legal system. Japanese officials assure that if he had stayed in Japan, he would have received a fair trial. 

People close to Mr Ghosn believe he hasn’t ruled out travelling to France to stand prosecution at some point, despite the fact that his passports are presently held in Lebanon. It may also mean being apart from his wife for a long time. Following her husband’s escape, Japanese authorities obtained an arrest order for Carole Ghosn. According to sources close to Mr Ghosn, she is not a French citizen and might be deported to Japan if she tries to flee Lebanon. Mr Ghosn cannot be extradited to Japan from France. In general, France does not extradite its nationals, and Mr Ghosn is a French citizen.

According to those acquainted with the situation, one of the French warrants is aimed at Suhail Bahwan, the millionaire whose huge business controls the dealership in Oman. Mr Bahwan owns property in France and has a number of relationships with the country. Hind Bahwan, one of his daughters, is the chairwoman of the Omani French Friendship Association and was awarded the Légion d’honneur, France’s highest honour, in 2019.

According to the persons, the other warrants are for two of Mr Bahwan’s sons, as well as the previous general manager of the Omani dealership. In the Middle East, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles sells tens of thousands of Renault and Nissan automobiles each year.

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